This photo brings me happiness.  Not just a quick feeling that makes me smile for a second and then think about what I’m going to eat for lunch, but rather the type of happiness that brings me back to the exact moment and all the feelings that come with it.  I pulled my car over at an old, possibly abandoned, shepherd’s shack far down a dirt road.  Just the mountains and the water around me. I stared in awe, eventually drifting to sleep.  After an uncomfortable night in the driver's seat, I woke early in the morning to roughly 30 goats making their way down the mountain, then surrounding my car. It’s as if they fell from the sky.  I knew I was meant to be there road-tripping across the island of Crete with little money, sleeping in my car, picking random oranges on the road, taking “showers” that came in many different and interesting forms.  Dirty, aching, excited, appreciative, and loving every second.  This is what photography is to me. Not just taking a photo, but documenting a moment in time that will never happen again in exactly the same way.

With all my work, whether it’s photographing black tie affairs, weddings, political events, production stills, dance performances, I put the same passion into capturing all the extraordinary moments that life presents.  Happy, sad, gritty, dirty, peaceful, loving, they are all moments that share the same beauty. LIFE.

Right now my physical home is in a sun-filled Chicago apartment with two out of four living plants, boxes of old negatives, prints and travel memories, including an unopened can of diet coke from a trip to Israel ten years ago.  I cherish the many homes I have made all over the world and am grateful I was able to document such wonderful moments, not just for myself, but for others to enjoy as well.  Photography has the magnificent ability to take you back to a moment and relive it or to look upon it for the first time.  What a beautiful, remarkable gift.